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We are backed by more than 30 years of experience in the advertising sector

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    We are a company with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we are located in Estepona and we are formed by a group of professionals and experts to offer the best service with the highest quality

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    Wide format printing, full colour printed stickers for outdoors and indoors, signs and illuminated signs, vehicle lettering, signage, corporeal lettering, merchandising, work and sportswear, customisation techniques...

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    High visibility, basic industry, hospitality, health, cleaning, work footwear, safety and protection, accessories, merchandising... Always with the option of personalised technical service with embroidery, screen printing and textile vinyl

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Publiluna is a company backed by a group of highly talented professionals, which has been in business for over 30 years as leaders in the world of outdoor advertising on the Costa del Sol, we produce all types of outdoor advertising, decorative signs, uniforms, advertising items and merchandising in general. If you are looking for professionalism and quality in your projects, we are the ideal choice for you.

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions by our customers and our answer, even so, we recommend you to contact us if you have any doubts.

If I have my design, what size and format do I have to send it in?

If you have a design: the formats for vector files should be PDF, illustrator or corel, with a size of 100/150 ppp. If it is an image it must be in PDF, PNG, TIFF or JPG format.

What is the delivery time for receiving the work/service?

It is usually 10 to 15 working days, but it always depends on the volume of work we are dealing with at the time.

What does the price depend on?

It depends on variables such as size, type of material, type of finish, mounting, etc.

What kind of materials do you work with?

We work with many types of materials, including methacrylate, PVC, polypropylene, composite, aluminium, stainless steel, sheet metal, polycarbonate...

What is the method of payment?

To start production, 50% of the accepted budget must be paid, and the remaining 50% on completion of the work.

Does the budget have a cost?

We offer you a free quote at no obligation and at zero cost.

How can we help you?

Do not hesitate to contact us today, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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