Why monoposte as an advertising medium?

It is excellent if you want to do a lot of geographic targeting. It is a variable medium and suitable for any type of advertiser. This advertising medium has a high recall rate, as visibility is maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Monoposte 6 – Cruce Guadalobón

Monoposte 7 – La Cabaña

Monoposte 8 – Bda. el Velerín

Monoposte 9 – Bahía Dorada

Monoposte 13 – Río Manilva

Monoposte 14 – Polígono Industrial Manilva

Monoposte 15 – Entrada Puerto La Duquesa

Monoposte 16 – Urb. La Paloma

Monoposte 18 – La Parrada

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