Why billboards as an advertising medium?

This option is the ideal one if your objective is to carry out a large geographic segmentation. Billboards are a variable medium and suitable for any type of advertiser. This advertising medium has a high recall rate, as visibility is maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Valla 3 – Urb. El Saladillo

Valla 5 – Cancelada-Park Beach

Valla 8 – Entrada Estepona Nº2

Valla 11 – Estepona Golf Nº2

Valla 15 – Río Manilva/A7

Valla 16 – Entrada Pto. Duquesa/A7

Valla 22 – Buenas Noches Gasolinera Nº1

Valla 24 – Buenas Noches Gasolinera Nº3

Valla 29 – Avda. Colonia/Avda. Industrias (La Línea)

Valla 30 – Avda. Colonia/Avda. Industrias (La Línea)

Valla 32 – Avda. Torres Quevedo (La Línea)

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